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04 December 2006 @ 05:16 pm
hey guys, do any of you have music i can burn i mean borrow no i mean burn from your collection of:
-Nightmare before Xmas
-charlie and the chocolate factory (both versions)
-pirates of the carribean
-down with love
-moulin rouge


i willls love you forever!!!
Faith-heartwhambamglambam on December 4th, 2006 06:32 pm (UTC)
I have Nightmare Before Xmas on my computer, so I can e-mail it to you. I also have one of the Moulin Rouge soundtracks.

ALSO, we (meaning the 12th floor crew, which you still count as a part of) are invited to dinner at Annie's on Thursday. I don't know what time yet, but if you're available I'll let you know.
Andeliya Rose, The Queen of Heartsandypeas on December 5th, 2006 07:09 am (UTC)
i would love to hang out but i also said i may go to josie's taco night, which is thursday O_o
i dunno, we'll see how i feel after i sleep ...
Andeliya Rose, The Queen of Heartsandypeas on December 6th, 2006 03:54 pm (UTC)
hey, i think if i'm going to hang out with people it should be a group of people that the majority i know so, i think i'll spend thursday with you guys -- i need some quality time with people where i wont be overly anxious/it wont be anxiety provoking ... what time is the dinner at? and how can i get there/should i facebook annie?
/ what time are you guys leaving the LB to go to annies/are yall still going/do we need to bring anything i.e. cookies?
Faith-heartwhambamglambam on December 6th, 2006 04:21 pm (UTC)
Ask Annie, I guess? I haven't heard from her re: times. I'm going to give her a call today.
Faith-heartwhambamglambam on December 6th, 2006 06:44 pm (UTC)
Alright, it's looks like we're going for 6:30. I don't have directions yet, nor do I need to know if we should bring anything (Annie did say she'd cook, but she shouldn't have too cook everything).

Keep you posted!