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01 April 2007 @ 04:13 pm
submit your work!  
Hey guys! I am working on an assignment for my desktop publishing class and I have chosen to print a book called THE 12TH FLOOR EXPRESS, so if you've been a former (or if you are a current) member of Wellness (or an *honorary member, meaning Cynthia) and have any poetry or fiction stories, please submit them to me for publication! I have to design the layout of the book and have it printed due at teh end of the month, so I'll be taking submissions until APRIL 9TH. (I mean, really, I can take it until April 23rd, which is around the time I will be printing, but I need enough material for 32 pages by the 9th so I can start designing.)

Submit to andrea_pizzi@emerson.edu
Thank you!

... should I just open this up to anyone for publication and not just wellness people?