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16 January 2007 @ 06:43 pm
hey guys!
1. Hello to everybody and best wishes with all of your traveling and academia this semster! (Post a lot of pics with funny captions to facebook Plz!)
2. This is the posting where I am asking for your schedules, well, really the only ones of you that are in Boston, and so we can play / plan on times to meet and play, also, whoever wants to investigate the comedy archives please let mw know as soon as possible!

My Shedule:
Monday Class from 4-10pm
Tuesday Work 12-4, class 4-6
Wednesday Class 4-6
Thursday Work 12-4, class 4-6
Friday Work 12-6

Also, I am still interested in getting music from you guys, and I was wondering ... do you know anyone who has Space Jam that I can borrow from?

Talk with you soon

ps - some of you owe me big, long hugs